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"As a first-time homeowner, I suffered from "fear of gardening." Cheryl's collaborative style, warmth, and sense of humor put me on the road to recovery. Not to mention that her knowledge and talent helped turn my garden into a wonderful place."
- KF, Capitol Hill


Successful design takes time, skill, teamwork, and a spark of inspiration to sustain the effort. 

You hire someone to solve a problem. You think you know what it is, yet often a good designer will broaden your understanding of the issues at hand. With trust and patience this active inquiry leads to design that can please and surprise everyone, including the designer. In the best projects, designer(s), client(s), and contractor(s) collaborate and communicate well, respecting one another's expertise while learning from one another.

Landscape architecture is perhaps the most holistic design profession. It takes a chameleon-like practitioner who can bring many skills to the table:

I have been a designer for over 30 years, and a landscape architect for over 20. Your inquiries are welcomed. Once we determine we're a good fit, I will devote myself to creating an outdoor space that is great for you and the environment.

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