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“Cheryl helped us imagine, envision, and implement changes that suited our taste and needs. We enjoyed working with Cheryl and we love the results!"
- AH, Arlington, Virginia



The first step in any project is an on-site meeting. Cheryl Corson will discuss your project with you and look at the site in detail. She will ask lots of questions and offer initial design direction. The scope of work, phasing, budget, site constraints and opportunities will all be realistically discussed. Notes are taken to capture the key points in the conversation.

During this meeting Cheryl will be able to estimate the subsequent design services you'll need and the time and resources involved. Her written proposal will be emailed within a few days. By the end of your consultation you'll know enough about your project to proceed with confidence.

Integrated Design

Cheryl's training encompasses the complete outdoor environment. Your project may involve site reorganization or even starting completely "from scratch." You may need to address circulation issues, parking, enclosure, seating, lighting, drainage, planting, storage and more. You may have special needs, like installing an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool, designing for dogs, kids or aging residents. Your design will benefit from considering all these elements in an integrated way as early in the process as possible. Cheryl has frequently worked in tandem with architects.


Cheryl loves plants and keeps learning and experimenting. She designs planting plans that take into consideration the mix of evergreen and deciduous plants, hydric zones, a steady period of bloom in the garden, client's favorite colors and seasons, fall and winter color, and the overall personality of the garden as expressed through plants.

Garden Art

Once an outdoor space is designed, garden art, such as mosaic, sculpture, cast glass, sundials, bells, and fountains, can make it truly distinctive. Even recycled glass mulch, large quartz crystals, fossils and hand-picked boulders can have places of honor in the garden. Cheryl Corson's relationships with artists and craftsmen make items available to her clients that are not readily accessible in stores or online. 

Construction Oversight

Implementing designs for outdoor spaces can require the services of many craftspeople: masons, carpenters, electricians, and arborists to name a few. For those who prefer, Cheryl can contract for installation services on your behalf using her established network of skilled and licensed professionals. Cheryl visits project sites during construction to make sure that your design is built to specifications. Issues that arise on the job are quickly addressed so the integrity of your design is maintained.

Landscape Renewal

Gardens and landscapes constantly grow and change and need periodic reconsideration. Cheryl can help adjust your space to your changing needs and those of your site. Sometimes a mature garden needs only fine tuning to highlight its best features. Other times, major changes in and around the space require greater intervention. This type of design is conducted with utmost respect for precedent whether historic or sentimental. Ecological factors are also engaged to create an environmentally beneficial landscape.

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