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"Thank you Cheryl, you have made the licensing process more sane! Your webinars are a great value to our profession."

    ---webinar participant, 2014



LARE Prep Webinars

 From Cheryl:

When I studied for the new format LARE Sections 3 & 4 in December 2012, the only LARE prep workshops available were geared to the old exam. Instructors were great at preparing candidates... for the old exam. It was stressful not knowing what or how to study.

I learned how to prepare efficiently for Section 4 by having to take it twice. My webinars were created at the suggestion of a fellow candidate. I agreed to do them because I wanted others to have better resources than those available to me. 

After helping over 300 candidates since that first webinar in August 2013, I have launched a new website with greatly enhanced video streaming and improved usability. As of February 2015, you will find my LARE Prep webinars at

Please visit and if you'd like to talk before you decide to sign up, we can make a phone date any time. Best wishes to all licensure candidates!

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