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“Children develop a greater sense of belonging to their community and its physical environment when the have a chance to learn and play outdoors. By belonging, they develop social responsibility, empathy, and compassion for one another and the natural world.”
- Cheryl Corson, Grounds for Learning



Cheryl on Chickens

Kate Ryan
WTOP Radio
July 2015

WTOP radio interview with Cheryl on the eve of Rockville, Maryland's new chicken friendly ordinance going into effect (scroll down for audio link).

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Rockville Says 'Yes" to Keeping Chickens

Kate Ryan
July 2015

Cheryl supports Rockville, Maryland's new ordinance allowing small flocks of backyard hens and offers some helpful hints to chicken newbies.

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Hens on the Hill

Cheryl Corson
Capital Community News: Hill Rag
September 2009

Cheryl writes about raising her small flock of chickens, and how we might help relax city laws on keeping hens.
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Chickens by Design & Hens in the News

Cheryl Corson
The Designer
December 2009

Cheryl offers some historical perspective on why chickens might have recently become so popular. She offers some design tips for placing chickens and chicken coops in the home landscape. Cute photos too!
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Pet Hens a Rising Backyard Trend

Gabriella Boston
The Washington Times
October 2009

Cheryl Corson, not only a landscape architect, but now a "backyard-chicken advocate," encourages Washington, DC to amend its stringent chicken regs to legalize small flock owners and their hens.
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D.C. Residents Fight to Raise Poultry in the City

Adrian Higgins
Washington Post
January 2010

Read the latest update on how the family Cheryl wrote about in the Hill Rag, "Hens on the Hill" are moving forward in their efforts to relax DC's chicken regulations.
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