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“Children develop a greater sense of belonging to their community and its physical environment when the have a chance to learn and play outdoors. By belonging, they develop social responsibility, empathy, and compassion for one another and the natural world.”
- Cheryl Corson, Grounds for Learning


Design for Kids

Earthloom for Nature Play Spaces

Cheryl Corson
ASLA: The Field
March 2014

Kids instinctively understand the ancient art of weaving and they love doing it. When you present them with the opportunity to weave outdoors with freely available local plant material, working collaboratively in small groups, you have a winning combination and a landscape element that can easily be integrated into most nature play spaces.

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Anne Beers Elementary School Future Home to Butterflies

Rindy O'Brien
Capital Community News: East of the River
December 2009

A new butterfly garden in a Washington, DC public school will serve as an outdoor classroom for 5-10 year olds. Cheryl managed the project with a great team. 
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Under the Swings

Cheryl Corson
American School Board Journal
May 2005

Every bit as important as the play equipment itself is the safety surfacing under and around it. Cheryl Corson, a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, describes safety surfacing appropriate for public playgrounds.

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Springing Ahead for Playground Maintenance

Cheryl Corson
Managing School Business
February 2005

Cheryl offers a detailed checklist on what to look for as the outdoor play season commences.
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Grounds for Learning: Hope for America's Derelict Schoolyards

Cheryl Corson
National School Boards Association: Learning By Design

Cheryl presents innovative programs across the country that take advantage of a school resource that is often sorely under-utilized - the schoolyard.
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Planning School Grounds for Outdoor Learning

Cheryl Wagner (Cheryl's maiden name)
National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
May 2000

Cheryl covers the planning and design of outdoor spaces for new and renovated K-12 schools. Different types of outdoor learning environments are discussed, and how these can be designed with flexibility. Resources for school officials, designers, and teachers are provided. 7 pp.
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